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Image Disturb

Image Disturb is a java graphic application. It let you apply effects to 24bit images. The possible effects are geometric, convolution and colors transformations. Drawing functions are available too. It let you paint with pencil, part of image or color effect.

The application is designed for Java 1.4 and is available as Jar executable file ans as Mac Os X executable package.



List of functions:

  • Image types
    • Load .jpg / .gif / .bmp / .tiff / .png / .crw / .psd / .mng (using ImageRo library)
    • Save .jpg
  • Geometric effect
    • Cropping, resizing, rotating, shearing, flipping
  • Convolution effect
    • Embossing, sharping, smooting, lightin, edges reconizing
  • Color effect (can be apply globally or in a zone or by drawing)
    • Move colors to another color (global or recursive)
    • Greyscale or inversing colors
    • Smoothing colors with neighbours
  • Drawing function
    • Draw with pen, can specify color, force, size, shape
    • Draw with a part of image (copy, paste)